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Temperature Uniformity Survey for Furnace Calibration for the Aerospace Industry

Accuserve, Inc. has demonstrated expertise for testing vacuum furnaces in accordance with the AMS 2750D specification. A customer in the aerospace industry recently contracted with us to conduct temperature uniformity surveys, system accuracy tests, and full calibrations of two vacuum furnaces used in their daily operations. Time was critical, and we were able to accomplish this in only two days.

Armed with the latest technology thermocouples, data loggers, sensors, and software required for conducting the tests, our technicians traveled to the customer site in North Carolina. They assessed the furnaces, and then skillfully defined the proper workzone, sensor locations, and temperature ramp-up rates - all vital to the accuracy of the test results. As part of the survey, they performed a complete calibration of each furnace, vacuum tested them at 10-E04, and temperature tested them to 1,200°C. In addition, they subjected them to temperature chain, safety chain, over-pressure, and argon dew point tests to ensure they were operating completely per specification.

Upon completion of the survey, the customer was provided with full report of the survey findings as well as an accounting of all furnace data. To learn more about the project read below, or contact Accuserve today to learn more about how our temperature and pyrometry calibration services can help you.

Temperature Uniformity Survey for Furnace Calibration for the Aerospace Industry 

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Project Highlights for Temperature Uniformity Survey for Furnace Calibration

DescriptionPerformed a temperature uniformity survey along with other tests on a vacuum furnace for the aerospace industry,
Calibration Procedures
Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS)
  • Includes Complete Calibration
System Accuracy Test (SAT)
Vacuum testing
  • @ 10-E04
Temperature Chain
Safety Chain
Over-Pressure Test
Argon Dew Point
Temperatures Tested To1,200°C
Volume 2 vacuum furnaces
Turn-Around Time 1-2 Business Days Per Survey
Standards MetAMS 2750D
Industry for Use Aerospace
LocationMonroe, North Carolina
Project Name TUS of BMI Furnaces

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